User support


We struggle for keeping the high-quality of database contents and providing computational support to common tasks of data management and analysis. We are very grateful if users inform us when they have identified an error, omission/inconsitency or have experienced problems/limitations using the platform,namely:

  • Possible omissions, redundancies, ambiguities, or errors in the data;
  • Software errors/crashes;
  • Missing documentation;
  • Issues about the user-friendliness of the interface;
  • And new features that might complement of the management and analytical abilities of the platform.

BiofOmics Team Nuno Azevedo Faculty Researcher Project Leader Olívia Pereira Assistant Professor Project Leader Anália Lourenço Assistant Professor Project Leader Ana Margarida Sousa Data curator Collaborator Andreia Azevedo Data curator Collaborator Susana Lopes Data curator Collaborator Martín Pérez Pérez Computer engineer Collaborator Gael Pérez Rodríguez Computer engineer Collaborator